This is a hobby website dedicated to the use of the mini-lathe and mini-mill and associated equipment.

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It seems that sometimes life deals unexpected cards.  Hurricane Michael took a lot of time

to recover from.  The shop is now largely restored.  Who expected that to take a year?

The new engine promised last year will be posted as soon as I can get a photo table setup.

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From time to time diagrams and instructions will be available for some of the projects on this web site.  Wherever available, a PROJECT button like this will be seen.    

Clicking on the button will bring you a .pdf file that will open in the Acrobat reader where you can print a copy and/or save to a file.  Unlike some sites, I do not charge for plans or instructions.  This is a hobby, not a store.  If you do not have the Acrobat reader click the red icon.


Downloaded a file and tried it?  Let me know how you liked it.  Find an error or omission?  Please let me know so I can correct it.

All the interesting stuff is linked to the photos above

 I am always interested in viewer's opinions. You can click the link below and email me your praise, complaints, grumbles, disagreements, suggestions, extra women, beer or whatever. I believe we create a more interesting hobby atmosphere with lively discussion and am not offended by criticism of my hints or suggestions you see on this site. That does not necessarily require me to agree with you, but that is what makes discussion great.

Please note that the e-mail link will redirect you to another site to fill out a form. Don't let that excite you, it is just an anti-spam trick that prevents web spiders from harvesting my email address. That site collects no information from you and simply forwards the email to my regular account .

Please let me know if you find any links from this site that don't work.

 There seems to be some interest in the modifications I have made to my equipment. If you could let me know what is most interesting to you, I might consider doing some measurements and posting information.  Please understand that many of these projects were done as bright ideas on-the-fly.  As such, there are no blueprints.  I have, however, started documenting some of the projects.  Those items are available on the appropriate project page as a pdf.  You can view/print them from the Acrobat reader. If you request something I have not yet documented you may consider that you have participated in the creative process if you have caused me to measure and document some of the work I have done without drawings.

 DISCLAIMER: The author of this site is not a professional machinist. He is a retired television broadcasting engineer who enjoys metal machining as a hobby. Hints or suggestions given here are to be taken as the viewpoints of a hobbyist, often discovered by trial and error, rather than hard and fast rules of the machining industry. The author will not be responsible for the results of any other persons use of hints or suggestions that may be given here. That said, I hope you enjoy the site and are able to glean some useful information from things presented here as I have from so many other similar sites.


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